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Welcome to calgary55plushockey.com

Welcome to calgary55plushockey.comWelcome to calgary55plushockey.com


Executive Management Committee (EMC)

The EMC is the governing body for the Calgary 55 Plus Hockey Association.  The Committee Executives are elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The Team Coordinators are elected by their respective teams.  The full Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

  1. Commissioner - Alan Barrett  403-816-9622
  2. Past Commissioner - Bryan Alcock 403-324-4089
  3. Treasurer - Kevin D'Amico 403-850-1749
  4. Registrar - Robert Crawley 403-587-5032
  5. Secretary & Webmaster - Don Walker 403-650-7793

Team Coordinators

  1. SFC Black - Don Quilliams 403-238-1987
  2. SFC Blue - Warren Cook    403-479-2016
  3. SFC Brown - Chuck Johnston  403-253-0810
  4. SFC Green - Ernie Vindevoghel 403-607-7756
  5. SFC Grey - Tom Staines              403-540-0432
  6. SFC Maroon - Curt Bruggencate 403-254-8658
  7. SFC Platinum - Doug Wilkinson 403-280-1050
  8. SFC Red - Fred Sloan 403-804-4601
  9. SFC Silver - Bob Andrew 403-238-0174
  10. SFC White - Conor Murphy 403-238-1936
  11. Henry Viney Arena - Ted Carter 403-275-1737
  12. Optimist Arena - Don Barton 403-242-3676
  13. Shouldice Arena - John Carlson 403-931-3794


EMC Meeting Minutes


2020 Annual General Meeting

Due to the City of Calgary closing all public arenas on March 16, 2020, the 2020 Annual General Meeting was cancelled.  We have canvassed all coordinators for comments on their team's status.  We have prepared Minutes in Lieu of a Meeting which will be approved at the September 2020 Fall Meeting

2019 Winter Interim Meeting

2019 Fall Interim Meeting

Annual General Meeting

2018 Winter Interim Meeting

Calgary 55 Plus Operating Procedures & Guidelines

The EMC and its members operate under the following Operating Procedures & Guidelines.  Please click on the button below.


CARHA Insurance Coverage

Please click on the button below to go to the CARHA website

Explanation of Coverage

If you have an accident while playing hockey with a Calgary 55 Plus Hockey Association team then you are covered with CARHA Insurance.  You will need to request the Sport Accident Clain Form from the Association.  Coverage is in place providing members have been seen by a doctor or dentist within 30 days from the date of their accident.  Submit the form within 90 days of the accident to the CARHA Hockey office.  The form is also accessible on the CARHA website which is also attached on this page